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What are cookies and how we use them

A cookie is a small piece of information sent by a website and stored as a small file on the user's device. Its functions are varied as the language used, your browsing preferences, collect statistical information, allowing certain technical features ... Sometimes cookies are used to store basic information about the user's browsing habits or your device, and may, as appropriate, differentiate a particular user. This can cause privacy and is one of the reasons why cookies have their detractors.

Cookies are only data, not code, then can not erase or read information from computer users.

Cookies are used because from a technical point of view, allow web pages to work more quickly and tailored to their preferences. Know the language, the currency, the font size, .. improves your user experience. They also help websites to improve their services, thanks to the statistical information they provide. One of its aims is to make more efficient advertising shown and why many web can offer services for free.

Cookies have important implications for the privacy and anonymity of Web users. Although cookies only to the server that defined or another in the same domain, a web page may contain images and other components stored on servers in other domains are sent. The cookies that are created during the requests of these components are called third-party cookies.

Some countries have legislation about cookies.



The EU directive 2002 on privacy in telecommunications contains rules on the use of cookies. In particular, Article 5, paragraph 3 states that storing data (such as cookies) on the computer of a user can only be done if:

  1. the user receives information about how the data are used;
  2. the user has the possibility to reject the operation.

However, this article also states that storing data that is necessary for technical reasons is allowed as an exception.


Cookies in

This page uses session cookies (which are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser until you leave the website, so that none is recorded on the user's hard drive), to collect statistical information that allows us to improve content and user experience. cookies analysis (own or third parties, such as Google, Facebook or Twitter) are also used and allow us to know the number of users and thus perform statistical analysis of the use of the web. Finally, we also use techniques cookies (which allow the user to customize the website and its different options or services), browser type, browser language, font size, etc ...



Pressing the accept or navigate and continue on the website are consenting to the use of cookies button its functions as reflected in the conditions contained in this Policy Cookies.

You can get more information about us and our activities through our section "Legal Information".

If you refuse the installation of cookies on your device or, if you delete those that have registered in previous hits, you should be aware that you can not benefit from a number of utilities that are necessary to navigate in some areas of our website.


You can allow, block or delete cookies installed on your device according to your wishes,
by configuring your browser options.